Deans of Huntly – Scottish Shortbread

Famous traditional Scottish shortbread using Helen Dean's original recipes and traditional hand-crafted baking traditions.

Dean’s of Huntly produce some of the best shortbread in Scotland. They continue to bake their famous traditional Scottish shortbread using Helen Dean’s original recipes and traditional hand-crafted baking traditions.

Located in the small town of Huntly in Aberdeenshire Deamn’s still operate as a family business baking their melt in the mouth shortbread and biscuits. The Dean’s range of traditional Scottish all butter shortbread fingers, rounds and petticoat tails has been increased to offer lovers of quality biscuits a contemporary selection of shortbread.

Owner’s Comment:
“When my mother, Helen, first started baking shortbread in the family kitchen, little did she know how popular it would become when the local pipe band took it on tour.  So today we bake in the family bakery just as she did in the family kitchen, using both her recipes and the same fine ingredients.”  – Bill Dean

So popular was Dean’s light and crumbly shortbread that in 1992, the company moved to a new purpose built bakery just outside Huntly. Today Dean’s is still a family run business using traditional handcrafted baking methods and is recognised internationally as ‘The Leading Premium Quality Scottish Shortbread’.

Today Dean’s of Huntly is a household brand renowned across Scotland and is quickly spreading to the rest of the UK. More and more people are discovering the delicious melt in the mouth taste & texture of Dean’s premium shortbread & biscuits. Dean’s also export to thirty countries around the world including India, China the USA and many European countries.

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Editor’s Note: There is a smart cafe bistro area at the factory – and a small gift shop. The crumbliest Scottish shortbread!

Dean’s of Huntly Ltd Huntly, Aberdeenshire, AB54 8JX
Huntly AB54 8JX Scotland GB
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