Dunkeld Smoked Salmon

Renowned Producers of award winning classic cold smoked salmon

As a small producer, the Dunkeld Smoked Salmon company can take their time to produce high quality Scottish smoked  salmon. Their products have been recognised by several Gold Awards over the last few years from the Great Taste Awards. 

Dry-cured in salt and smoked over whisky barrel chips and oak, Dunkeld Smoked Wild Scottish Salmon has a delicate texture with a subtle, intense flavour.  The wild salmon is sourced in small quantities from licensed nets on both the west and east coast of Scotland. Each salmon is individually cured by hand using a light salt cure. Dunkeld Scottish Smoked Salmon has been served to the Queen alongside Dunkeld hot smoked salmon at Scone Palace.

Owner’s Comments
“We believe simplicity is best, focusing our energies on producing a small, outstanding range of smoked salmon products which is why many believe our salmon is the best you can buy. The Dunkeld Smokehouse was established over 30 years ago primarily to smoke anglers’ own fish and we have used that knowledge and expertise to produce smoked salmon of outstanding quality. Our reputation and our awards are based on the difference in taste and texture achieved through the time taken to traditionally cure, smoke, mature and prepare our products. We smoke wild and healthily reared farmed salmon from Scottish waters.

We are proud supporters of Cittaslow Perth and the Slow Food movement.”

Editor’s note: Dunkeld also supply ‘Islay Cured’ a classic cold smoked salmon infused with a 16 years old single malt whisky from Lagavulin on the island of Islay. The result – a slightly smokier salmon with a hint of whisky. Sublime!


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