Scottish Cheese and Cheese Makers in Scotland

The climate and geography of Scotland are well suited to cheese-making. The short making season in Scotland meant that traditional cheeses usually required to be capable of being stored (matured) through the winter – hence the predominance of hard (matured) cheese in Scotland and Britain. At one time most farmhouses or crofts made their own cheese, but there was little financial return. Improved transportation of milk changed the scene dramatically.

Today there are still more than two dozen cheese makers across Scotland, ranging front large industrial Cheddar creameries to the handful of artisan and farmhouse cheese makers. Scottish Cheddar accounts for 70-80% of the total output but other cheese types including Dunlop, Caboc and Blues are gaining in popularity. The main creameries are located at Locherbie, Stranraer and Campbeltown with smaller artisan operations on the islands of Bute, Arran, Islay, Mull, Gigha and Orkney. Some of the creameries are open to visitors and there is often an opportunity to buy from the farm shop. The advent of modern temperature controlled facilities and refrigerated transport has revived artisan cheesemaking in small creameries and farms across Scotland

Restaurants and specialist cheese shops have popularised the lesser known cheeses. The larger companies such as A McLelland & Son Ltd have created and marketed a range of Scottish cheeses including connoisseur cheeses to satisfy the palates of foodies anad cheese lovers around the globe. In recent years the main supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, the Co-op and Aldi have stocked a selection of Scottish cheeses and specialist cheese shops in Scotland’s main towns have extended their ranges.

If you come across interesting local cheeses while you eat out in Scotland, it may be worth enquiring where these can be bought … and do let us know if we haven’t got them on our directory.

Cheese selection from Connage Diary >>>

Clava Brie
Connage Clava is an award winning brie-style cheese, handcrafted by Connage Cheese Clava Brie is a delicious smooth pasteurised delicately flavoured brie, with no added cream. As it ripens the chalky centre becomes silky and it is at its best when the texture inside has become soft and luscious.

Bradan is Gruth
This is Connage Highland Crowdie. A delicious soft cheese made in the traditional way – a little luxury from the Highlands and Islands today

Connage Dunlop
Dunlop is an unpasteurised Scottish hard cheese traditionally cloth bound and matured for 5-7 months to create a nutty creamy taste and a moist texture.

Connage Smoked Dunlop
A tasty version of Dunlop smoked at the organic smokehouse at Summer Isles. It is smoked using traditional methods over whisky barrel shavings and has a lovely delicious taste that smoked cheese lovers adore.

Highland Heart
Highland heart is brie style cheese made with the delicate pasteurised curds hand ladled into heart shaped moulds. It is essentially a brie recipe but with different aging times in the cold store. Connage make this cheese all year round making it a popular listing with wholesalers and retailers.

Connage Cromal
Cromal is a light crumbly pasteurised cheese with a moist open texture and a delightfully fresh lemony flavour with a lingering creamy finish, which can vary subtly according to the seasons.

Connage Highland Dairy, Milton of Connage, Ardersier, Inverness IV2 7QU


Cheese selection from Errington Cheese Ltd >>>

Lanark Blue
The original and famous Lanark Blue cheese made from unpasteurised ewes milk from Errington’s own flock of Lacaune ewes. The milk comes fresh each morning to the vats less than 20 metres away. The cheese matures in cool, moist traditional stone buildings giving it its unique flavour.

Lanark White
Errington’s started making Lanark White around 2002 due to demand from customers wanting a non blue cheese. Like Lanark Blue, Lanark White is made from Erringston’s own milk. THe cheese is moulded and salted by hand then wrapped in traditional muslin cheese cloth to mature for at least two months. During this time it develops a natural crust on the outside and a delicious sweet nutty flavour. Unfortunately, due to the seasonal nature of the sheep’s milk, Lanark White may not be available for a period over the winter.

Dunsyre Blue
Dunsyre Blue is a blue cows’ milk cheese which Erringston’s stxarted making in the late 1980’s. It is the most popular of Errington’s cheeses.
The milk comes from Byretown Farm overlooking the Fall’s of Clyde in the New Lanark Herritage Site. Errington’s collect the milk each morning and so keep in touch with the farm and how the cows have been and when they are put out to grass. This helps Errington’s to adjust their cheese making to suit.

Maisie’s Kebbuck
Maisies Kebbuck is an unpasteurised semi-hard white cows; milk cheese. My father originally started making it in around 2002 to impress his new mother-in-law (Maisie) who did not like blue cheese! Since then we have continued to make it and it has developed a loyal following with chefs. It is excellent in pasta and other cooked dishes as well as on the cheeseboard.

Cora Linn
Errington’s started making Corra Linn in 2008.The idea came as a solution to the problem of having a glut of sheeps’ milk in the spring and early summer. When we were only making blue cheese we found it was becoming too strong so now we make Corra Linn during the period we have lots of milk.

Errington Cheese Ltd, Walston Breahead Farm, Carnwath, Lanark, South Lanarkshire, ML11 8NF


Cheese Selection from Highland Fine Cheeses >>>

Highland Fine Cheeses is a family business established in 1963, manufacturing traditional cheeses unique to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. These have become some of Scotland’s most recognisable cheeses.

Smoked Blarliath Chedder
A rich mature cheddar, again another stunning cheese from Highland Fine Cheeses. We take the truckles cut them into wedges and smoke them gently with oak woodchips. This is smooth & robust, exquisitely moreish and guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds.

Smoked Fearn Abbey Ewe’s Brie
An award winning ewe’s brie from Highland fine cheese, an amazing cheese, silky smooth with all the soft subtle sweet flavour of a ewe’s cheese and with a gentle smoke, pure rock star.

Morangie Brie
As expected from brie, Morangie Brie is smooth and creamy with a slightly sweet flavour.
Made by Scottish producer Ruaridh Stone from Highland Fine Cheese in Tain, Scotland

Strathdon Blue
A mild, creamy blue cheese, which when young is quite gentle and smooth but can mature to a richer, more complex blue with slightly ozone hints. Another excellent cheese by Scottish producer Ruaridh Stone from Highland Fine Cheese

Said to be Scotland’s oldest cheese, this very rich cheese is made from double cream and rolled in toasted oatmeal. Mild and slightly sour, it’s all buttery creaminess with a nutty chewy edge.

Black Crowdie
Black Crowdie is a popular soft cheese from the Highlands made with medium-fat milk and covered in oats and crushed peppercorns for a creamy taste with a spicy kick. Produced by Ruaridh Stone at Highland Fine Cheese

Highland Brie:
Highland Brie is a mould ripened soft cheese produced in Tain, Scotland. This brie should be eaten young if you desire a simple, light flavour or allow it to mature and the farmhouse flavours to develop for a stronger taste experience.

Blue Murder
Made by Highland Fine Cheeses in Tain, Blue Murder is softer and creamier than many blues and has a thin, sticky, grey-white rind.
The interior is ivory in colour with purple-blue streaks, and the flavour is steely yet faintly sweet.

Highland Fine Cheeses, Blairlaith Farm, Shore Road, IV19 1EB


Cheese selection from the St Andrews Cheese Company >>>

Anster’ cheese is a new cheese, fresh and dry, with an almost crumbly texture which dissolves in the mouth to leave a full-flavoured finish. Anster is hand-made to a traditional recipe by Jane Stewart, using unpasteurised milk from her husband Robert’s herd of home-bred Holstein Friesian cows.

Mature Anster:
Anster is matured for 2 – 4 months while Mature Anster is aged for 7 – 9 months to create something stronger, more pungent with a flaky texture and intense flavour. The flavour and texture of Mature Anster are similar to parmesan and is used locally by Trotters Independent Condiments for their ‘Wild Garlic Pesto’ and by Anstruther baker G H Barnett for their ‘Anster Cheese Oatcakes’.

Red Anster
Red Anster’ cheese is hand-made to a traditional recipe by Jane Stewart, using unpasteurised milk from her husband Robert’s herd of home-bred Holstein Friesian cows. Red Anster is a dry-crumbly cheese with a bold garlic and chives flavour.

Smoked Anster
Red Anster’ cheese is hand-made to a traditional recipe by Jane Stewart, using unpasteurised milk from her husband Robert’s herd of home-bred Holstein Friesian cows. Red Anster is a dry-crumbly cheese with a bold garlic and chives flavour.

St Andrews Farmhouse Chedder
This is a slightly softer than a typical cheddar made with the milk from St. Andrew’s Farmhouse Cheese’s own herd of Friesian Holstein cows. It is a buttery yellow cheese with a creamy texture and aged for 9 – 12 months to produce a bold flavour and a well rounded, lingering finish. The cheese is based a traditional cheddar recipe with a few special touches to produce this very popular modern Scottish cheese.

St Andrews Cheese Company, Falside Farm, Pittenweem, Anstruther, KY10 2RT


Cheese selection from the Dunlop Dairy & Cheese Company >>>

Ayrshire Dunlop:
Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop is a hard-pressed cheese similar to cheddar but more moist. At 6 months the young Dunlop has a mild, nutty flavour and smooth, close texture. As it matures, around 12-14 months, it develops a stronger flavour with a slight sharpness.
The cheese gets its name from the nearby village of Dunlop.

Smoked Dunlop
The smoked Dunlop cheese is smoked over Beechwood at the local Fencebay Smokehouse close to the Dunlop Dairy. Fencebay produce quality food products such as salmon and trout.

Aiket is a soft, white cheese with mould skin similar to brie and camembert. It is made from Ayrshire cows’ milk. It is firm with a chalky texture and fresh mild taste when young. The white mould growing on the surface ripens the cheese from the outside in to the centre. As it ripens, the texture becomes smoother and creamier and develops a rich, slightly mushroom flavour.

Glazert is a soft white mould ripened cheese similar to the Aiket. Fresh and chalky when young, it develops a stronger, goaty flavour with a smooth creamy texture when ripened. As a classic goat’s cheese this is often used in starters and for grilling as well as a perfect addition to any cheeseboard.

Ailsa Craig
A small, rounded full fat goats milk cheese that is pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians. It’s a beautiful little cheese named after the island situated off the Southern Ayrshire coast of Scotland. It is moulded to look like the island giving it its unique shape.

Paddy’s Milestone
This is a unique little full fat cows milk cheese from Dunlop Dairy. It is pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians. It’s a beautiful little cheese moulded in the same was as the Ailsa Craig, but named Paddy’s Milestone which is the locals name for the island situated off the Southern Ayrshire coast of Scotland.

Clerkland Crowdie
Clerkland Crowdie is a soft fresh cheese. A rich and creamy cheese with a sharp tang. As a fresh cheese with no preservatives it has a short shelf life. Available in small logs coated in oatmeal or black pepper it is very popular for cooking and for use in buffet platters.

Bonnet is a hard pressed cheese made from Dunlop Dairy’s Saanen and Toggenburg goats’ milk. A very popular cheese, matured for 6-10 months, Bonnet is named after the local town of Stewarton known as ‘The Bonnet Toun’. The mills in the town made bonnets for the army regiments.

The Dunlop Dairy, West Clerkland Farm, Dunlop Road, Stewarton KA3 5LP


Cheese selection from the Cambus ‘o May Cheese Company >>>

Cambus o’ May
A unique Scottish hand-made cheese, created using traditional methods. This hand-pressed, two day curd cheese will melt in your mouth. It has a lovely marbled effect and a strong dairy, rustic flavour with a delightfully creamy texture. The finish may remind you of ‘real cheese’ and days gone by.

This gold medal winning Lochnagar cheese is matured for 4 months. The cheese has a very creamy texture and a nutty, slightly savoury, flavour. Another handmade cheese from Alex Reid, Lochnagar is named after the famous local landmark near the Cairngorms where the cheese is made.

Auld Reekie
Auld Reekie cheese has been developed to combine the flavours and textures of traditional cheese with a subtle wood and whisky finish. Alex Reid uses traditional smoking methods that are still employed today in Royal Deeside to lightly smoke venison and salmon. Its quirky character inspired Alex to name it after the ‘Auld Reekie’ nickname for Edinburgh, capital of Scotland.

Ardmore Whisky Cheese
Ardmore possesses a moist crumbly texture similar to a young Lairig Ghru, with a pleasant slightly sharper edge imparted by the flavour of the whisky. Made in Royal Deeside by Cambus O’May Cheese from unpasteurised cows milk this cheese combines the dairy characteristics of our cheese with the unmistakable flavours of Ardmore whisky – a cheese with a nip!

Lairig Ghru
Lairig Ghru is a really distinctive cheese made from unpasturised milk. Pressed and matured for longer with a salt rubbed rind, this creates a moist, crumbly, hard cheese with a nice citrus tang and a full finish. The cheese has a real depth of character and was named by Alex after the mountain pass it takes its name from.

The Cambus O’May Cheese Company, Ballater, Aberdeenshire,  AB35 5SD


Cheese selection from the Strathearn Cheese Company >>>

The Strathearn
The Strathearn is a rennet set cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk cheese. The cheeses are matured for 4 weeks and washed in a Glenturret 10 year old single malt whisky flavoured brine, every other day. Semi-soft in texture and quite lactic, contrast very well with the flavoursome rind.

Lady Mary
Lady Mary is a lactic cheese made from cow’s milk. Made with pasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet. It has a fresh, lemony taste and subtle flavours of wild garlic and truffle, with a creamy and smooth texture. Matured for 3 days to 1 week, Lady Mary is flavoured with locally foraged wild garlic and Summer Harvest truffle infused rapeseed oil. It is named after a local beauty spot along the river Earn, where wild garlic grows abundantly.

Strathearn Cheese Company is a new cheesemaking business started by Drew Watson and Pierre Leger, created in January 2016 and operating from the Cultybraggan camp (an old WWII prisoner of war camp) near Comrie in Perthshire, Scotland. It is the vision of Drew and Pierre to produce exciting Scottish artisan cheeses in the heart of Strathearn, using local milk supplies and local flavours.

Strathearn Cheese Company, Unit 15B, Cutlybraggan, Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland, PH6 2AB


Cheese selected from the Arran Cheese Shop >>>

Arran Blue
Deliciously creamy Scottish blue cheese, soft and medium strong. Arran Blue is a pasturised, semi-soft blue cheese similar to the French ‘Bleu de Auvern’. It was a Silver Medal winner at the 2006 British Cheese Awards. Produced in the heart of Arran’s dairy land, the Arran Creamery also makes Arran Mist, a smooth, creamy Scottish brie from the milk of Arran cows.

The Arran Cheese Shop, Home Farm, Brodick, Isle of Arran, Scotland KA27 8DD


Cheese Selection from Barwheys Dairy >>>

Barwheys Chedder
Barwheys is a hard Ayrshire cheese of the highest quality. It is made exclusively from the unpasteurised milk of special herd of pedigree Ayrshire cattle that graze on the green pastures that surround the dairy. The cheese is made by hand, bandaged in traditional cotton cheesecloth, and carefully aged on wooden shelves for between nine and twelve months. Barwheys has a long and complex flavour. This rich hard cheese hits your tongue with a slightly tart first note, before the taste gives way to subtle hints of nut and caramel. The cheese has a creamy texture with just the merest hint of crumble.

Barwheys Beastie
Barwheys Beastie is the extra mature version of Barwheys. It is matured for an extra 12 months adding to the complexity of the flavour. Barhweys Beastie’s flavour has an even stronger taste of caramel than its younger counterpart and retains its nutty flavours too. Made from unpasturised cows milk, this traditional handmade Scottish cheese is perfectly suited for a Burns night supper.

Barwheys Dairy, Maybole, Ayrshire KA19 7JS


Grimbister Farm Cheese
A delicious, crumbly, fresh tasting moist cheese with a slightly yeasty or lemony aftertaste as it matures. Hilda Seator founded this small cheese-making business at Grimbister Farm in the parish of Firth. Her daughter Anne now runs the cheese making. This is another well-regarded Scottish farmhouse cheese seen on fine food wholesale lists and restaurant cheese boards throughout the UK.

Grimbister Farm Cheese, Grimbister Farm, Firth, Orkney, KW15 1TT


From Inverloch Cheese Company

Inverloch Goats Cheese
A cheese made with 100% Goat’s Milk. Firm in texture with a delightfully subtle goats milk flavour. Made by the Inverloch Cheese Company – Campbeltown, Isle of Kintyre.

Howgate Brie
Howgate Brie is a soft, fresh, mould ripened cheese. Originally created in the village of Howgate near Edinburgh by Graeme Webster this delicious, brie style cheese is now made by the Inverloch Cheese Company using creamy Guernsey cow milk, ideal for this excellent cheese. Created using traditional cheese making methods Howgate Brie is best eaten fresh and crisp when its sharp lemony core is still firm with only slight ripening at the edges.


Selected cheeses from Loch Arthur Cheese Company >>>

Loch Arthur Cheddar
A traditional cloth-bound cheddar-type cheese. Aged to 6 months in on wooden shelving to achieve a fullness of flavour and character
Available as a mature cheddar or as variations containing mixed herbs or caraway seeds.

This is a naturally rinded, slightly firm, Dutch-style cheese with a wonderful depth of flavour.


Isle of Mull Chedder
Made on the family farm on the Isle of Mull with unpasteurised milk, this Isle of Mull cheese has a truly unique and deliciously nutty taste. Using milk from their own cows fed on organic grass and whisky grains, this famous Scottish cheese is made by Jeff & Christine Reade on their farm Sgriob Ruadh. Matured for 17 months in the farm cellars the cheese can often have a slight blue vein, but this just adds to the flavour. The cheese maker is proud to announce that, using only wood and water for power, only renewable energy is used to produce the cheese,


Mull of Kintyre Cheddar
A rugged, bold cheese, full of character, Mull of Kintyre cheddar is slowly aged then hand selected by master cheese graders to ensure the firm body and deep, rounded flavour that have made this Scottish cheddar so popular. Nutty with a sweet hint this cheese deserves the many awards it has won in recent years.


Scottish Cheese Suppliers include:

More to be discovered on our page of Scottish Cheese Producers >>>